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  • With one mind,develop and prosperity together .Shandong Santong rope Co.,ltd,help to build the dream of sailing! 2897

    09 Aug,2018 09:15:00

  • A sailing competition connection the east coast and west coast, facilitating east-west interaction named "Chuandong cup" is about to open.

    "ChuanDong" cup born in the end of 2016, originated from the memory of captain Guochuan.   After that, under the enthusiasm of every owner, the Chuandong cup held "sail set sail" and "ride the wind and break the waves" two seasons successively, all obtained the strong echo,aroused the owner as well as the public understanding widespread concern.

    The event is hosted by Qingdao major international sailing events (festival) organizing committee, Qingdao Olympic sailing city development promotion association, Qingdao sailing yacht (boat) sports association and Qingdao sailing sports management center.Managed by shipowner cup event (Qingdao) co., LTD., Qingdao Oriental cinema yacht club.It was officially incorporated into the major festivals in Qingdao, and became part of the 10th Qingdao sailing week and ocean festival in 2018.

    In order to create the ship owners' nautical feast, this sea movement's pageant will adopt the aerial photography + track positioning and other professional event services to display the Chuandong cup in an all-round way.

    The event is the island city's first long-distance inter-island adventure,this will be a comprehensive innovation of the Qingdao grand boat race, the first Qingdao regional characteristics of the race course!The form is unique!Will be more intuitive to show the group of Chinese shipowner exploration enterprising spirit of navigation

    In 2018, the Chuandong cup held hands with Shandong Santong rope Co.,ltd to jointly build the voyage dream.

    This sailing event is sponsored by Shandong Santong rope Co.,ltd. The high-end rope products of Santong rope are featured with high tensile strength, good abrasion resistance, strong ultraviolet resistance and excellent sea water resistance.Santong has been favored and praised by all users and exported all the year round.The Santong rope, walking with the sea, walking with dreams.

    Santong rope is an enterprise specializing in producing all kinds of high-grade rope, braided rope/wire, plastic fiber new materials. At present, Santong New Material has 15 national patents and is a national high-tech enterprise.ISO9000 certification, European CE certification, SGS international certification,Civilized and honest private enterprises.It is the first new third board listed company in the rope field, stock code 872406.

    Founded in September 2004, the company is located in a national garden city - Feicheng, 350 kilometers away from Qingdao port.It has the right to import and export, more than 90% of the products exported abroad.Products are widely used in maritime, aviation, military, rescue, outdoor, leisure, engineering and other fields, exported to the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Middle East Dubai, etc., praised by domestic and foreign merchants.

    Santong has always adhered to the enterprise mission of "creating value for customers, creating opportunities for employees, creating wealth for the community". with the corporate vision of "creating a first-class brand and building a century-old triad" and the talent concept of "advocating virtue and talent, suitable for talent, outstanding achievements",we welcome you to join us!Santong company is willing to develop with all circles!

    Wish the "Chuandong" cup together with Santong to sail further into the future!

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